About the Executive Producer

Mr. Petersen's lifelong interest in music began at the age of four when he studied drums with his father, a Dixieland and Big Band drummer. George studied music composition and piano with Merrill Debski; guitar with Nick Longo and the legendary Billy Bauer. George went to Long Island University, earning a B.A. in Philosophy. He also holds a B.F.A. in Music from the State University of New York.

 George has taught private music education for thirty-five years. He is also involved with music education publishing performing on "Jazz Charts", and "Play With a Pro"  and "Be Your Own Band" distributed by Music Sales International. As a musician, he has toured extensively in the U.S.A, Europe and South America.

 In addition to teaching, George is a freelance audio producer-engineer and has received gold records for his work as mixing editor and pianist on "The Best 101 Children's Songs" and editor on the classical sensation "The Musical Sea of Tranquility" for the Nancy Music Label. He is owner and executive producer of Cats Paw Records, Inc.; a mainstream and contemporary jazz label. In 1998 he produced a #1 hit on the Billboard Jazz chart for Cats Paw Records/Malaco Music Group. George has produced incidental, background and thematic music for NBC Sports, History Films Inc., AC Comics and ESPN. Mr. Petersen has done work for Naxos Records, Seaside Recordings, Photon Records, Malaco Music Group, 4-tay Records: entertainers Bob Hardwick, Criss Angel, Peter Duchin; and recording artists Frank & Mark Marino, Jerry Weldon, Carol Lian and Jack Reilly plus many others. He has done production work on "Sounds of Nature" for Time/Warner/Sony and has been a staff engineer/musician for music education author Dr. "Bugs" Bower. George has composed for Musical Theatre including Truckstop (2009), SS Amor (2005) and Benny the Burro (2002). An animated version of Benny the Burro directed by John Timms of Marte Studios, San Jose, Costa Rica is currently in production. Other Credits include symphonic writing and playing in Community Theatre.