Benny the Burro: A Christmas Tale Audio CD

Written and Produced 

by Frank Roman and George Petersen

A Touch of Blues by David Frazier

"My music comes from my heart. It is from my heart that I give thanks and praise to God for his guiding hand throughout my musical journey."

-David Frazier


Blue Moon by The Mac Chrupcala Trio

You are about to experience some of the most politically incorrect music extant. As created by the Mac Chrupcala Trio, jazz is revealed in all of its compelling contradictions and with all of its "dangerous visions
 cleverly focused. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained. You be moved to laughter and to melancholy, sometimes simultaneously and you will be brought face to face with artists of real dignity and achievement.

Hibiscus Flowre: Duqueovelle By Greg Bobulinski

Greg Bobulinski has appeared on trumpet and flugelhorn in many settings over the last twenty-five years. His First break came before graduating North Texas State University when he joined the Red Garland Quintet. Since then, Greg has logged many hours with Clark Terry's Big Bad Band, Carmen McRae, Chris Woods, George Coleman, Jimmy Heath, Marian McPartland, Curtis Fuller, Grady Tate, Al Grey, Duke Jordan, Dizzy Gillespie, Richard Davis, Sir Roland Hanna, Thad Jones, Jim Hall, Frank Wess, Hilton Ruiz and many other jazz musicians.

Greg has also been a featured performer at the JVC Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, Czechoslovakia Jazz Festival and the North Seas Festival.

This is Greg's second recording for Cats Paw Records. His first recording entitled "East of the Sun" received critical acclaim for its musical approach to jazz standards.

Windsong by Bob Gallo


Executive Producer - George Petersen

Produced by - Bob Gallo

All Compositions by - Bob Gallo

Published by - Ollag Music - BMI

All Programming by - Bob Gallo

Mike Frost - Bass

Ken Talve- Guitar

Anthony Cerabino - Drums

Erik Klein - EWI & Baritone Sax


While known as a jazz musician/composer, James' audience is not limited to jazz connoisseurs. His ability to crossover to other musical tastes has enabled him to sell out college auditoriums, music festivals and jazz clubs throughout Florida. He moved to New York to complete his Masters Degree in Jazz Performance at Queens College. He studied under jazz legends, Jimmy Heath, Donald Byrd and Sir Roland Hanna. - George Petersen

Steve Johns and Peter Brainin are two very talented young musicians who have much in common. They are both creative players who are also composers and arrangers. In this collaboration, each makes excellent use of the opportunity to share his musical concepts in a very personal way. The interplay between members of the quartet gives each individual a chance to demonstrate just how his musical ideas enhance the group effort. In this context, the listener can easily follow the interweaving of melodic and rhythmic lines. The hallmarks of good jazz are here -- imagination, creativity, discipline, the feeling of spontaneity, and impressive talent.

Billy Taylor


Bob Koenig - Vocals and Guitars

Mitch Axelrod - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Erich Stollberger - Bass & Backing Vocals (Drums and guitar on Spirit Becomes the Master)

Dave Fuller - Lead Guitar

Jessica Koenig - Vocals & Keyboards

George Petersen - Keyboards & Programming

Louie - Bird Calls


Bob is a true "musician's musician." With Degrees from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the Eastman School of Music, he has an intricate understanding of piano. He makes you feel guilty you stopped taking lessons. Oh well....Fortunately for us, we can enjoy the fruits of his labor.


I first heard these guys at Ray's Rhythm Room now known as Da Funky Fish on the south shore of Long Island. Their style was captivating and trememndously energetic. If you enjoy the music of Deodato, Antonio Carlos Jobim,Michel Camillo and Steely Dan you will be enthralled with this group. - George Petersen


This album is dedicated to my granddaughter Anna Kathryn and all of the children who will become future listeners and supporters of the one true American art form....JAZZ - Greg Bobulinski



John Hughes on drums

Mike Frost on bass

Mario Serio on electric piano

Bob Gallo on acoustic/electric guitar

The Bob Hardwick sound has emerged as the nation's number one dance orchestra, with more than 200 engagements throughout the United States and Europe annually. As dance music has evolved to include the sounds of society, swing, Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, and show tunes as well as the contemporary sounds of rock/pop from the 60's and 70's to the present, The Bob Hardwick Sound has moved to the forefront of dance orchestras with its up to the minute sounds and rhythms, while also staying faithful to the sounds of traditional standards.


This is Ray's third album as a leader, his first on the Cats Paw label. After years of entertaining audiences worldwide, he has recorded a musical gem which clearly displays his talents as a master vibraphonist.


This album, my second on the market, has many significant circumstances surrounding this Cats Paw release. The color all of a sudden, being yellow, chosen by Lisa Roth with Dave Moreno's art work, is my father's favorite color and a fitting dedication to him being that he just passed away last December (1996). Many fortunate events occurred shortly after these September 1994 sessions: "Smitty" got the Tonight Show gig, Craig ended up in the movie Kansas City and started working with Herbie Hancock, both Will and Dave had their first solo albums released, Bob Brockman mixed some cuts for Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds on the "Willing to Exhale" CD, Chris Hajian has had a winning film at the Sundance Film Festival and George decided to renew our relationship after I refused his first offer July 1995, the month I got married. Both Bryce and myself have just bought houses...hooray! And the great Teo Macero has come aboard and joined forces with us in making this album a great success, truly you will hear the exceptional chemistry that pervaded these September 1994 sessions, ENJOY! - Howard Prince


I first heard about Mood Swing a few years ago through Mike Frost, another artist on Cats Paw Records. Mike is usually right on the money with groups he really likes and these guys are everything he said they would be.

The Writing of this group is extraordinary both individually and collectively. They cover everything from rock to hip-hop; a jazz waltz to a latin burner. You'll hear an interesting array of "moods" on this album.

As for the playing, Mood Swing will keep you engaged from start to finish. Check out Tom Westbay's sax versatility. Listen to the way John Passarelli's complimentary voicings on keyboards and piano give this group its own character. Last but not least, the rhythm section consisting of Mike Belmonte and Joe Nocilla keeps a tight foundation going throughout the album.

I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Mood Swing as much as I enjoyed recording them. - George Petersen. 


Tom Westbay on Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone

John Passarelli on Piano and Keyboards

Joe Nocilla on Drums and Percussion

Michael Belmonte on Bass


Paul Kendall brings an elegant, fresh style to his playing. Supporting Paul on these jazz classics are veteran players Bobby Forester and Rudy Petschauer. On other selections, younger players provide their own sense of newness to these standards. We hope you enjoy Paul's debut recording on Cats Paw Records.


Paul Kendal-Tenor Saxophone

Bobby Forester-organ

Rudy Petchsauer-drums

Ron Oswanski-organ

Mike Petrocini-drums

Jerry and Bobby are back again as promised... They told me there was no more to come and, by George, here it is! ( That's producer George Petersen I'm referring to.) This second release by Weldon and Forrester for Cats Paw Records is more than just a follow-up to an excellent debut " Five by Five". It's a marriage of Bop and Groove made in Hammond Heaven (I'm assuming you know the jazz combo is back). Suffice it to say that this recording will have many of the newcomers sitting up straight and ready for a lesson. Jerry and Bobby have paid dues with the same currency used in the heyday of the jazz organ phenomenon. They've played those Harlem and Newark clubs; working low budget organ gigs just for the opportunity to get a Sonny Stitt or a Jack McDuff on the books. They've grown up in the same environment that spawned the tenor organ sound. They have the smell of it in their noses; the fell of it in their fingers and the sound of it in their souls. They know what the tenor saxophone and Hammond organ are supposed to sound like together... And on this recording, they prove it.

In Newport gets right to the point - that being the beauty of the jazz trio; its ability to paint any picture in less than a moment's notice. Each three-piece unit has a life; an identity, of its own. A fingerprint if you will. You'll hear a true revelation of our musical identity on this recording. We love to shift gears - rhythm, style and texture. Standard repertoire is the vehicle.


Mac Chrupcala on piano

John Anter on drums

Dave Zinno on bass

Phil Wilson and Paul Schmeling are both faculty members at the Berklee College of Music, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year as a highly respected institution of jazz studies. This recording is the result of thirty years of their mutual admiration and respect for each other. You feel like you are in a seminar with Wilson and Schmeling, who are cut from the same tree trunk.


Phil Wilson-Trombone

Paul Schmeling- Piano

One Evening after dinner in paradise, Bermuda and the Coral Beach Club, I was asked if I would play a few songs at the piano for friends. Before long, many other Coral Beach members and guests gathered and spirited dancing went on until well after midnight. This spontaneous party became a fun tradition on subsequent annual visits to the club. It prompted George Wardman to ask me to record my music on the clubs new Yamaha Disklavier piano. So, one bright and beautiful Bermuda afternoon, i sat down and played for Afternoon Tea and found myself still playing at Cocktail Hour. That same night, the Disklavier was still recording as I played, while a lively crowd including talented Bermuda residents gathered for partying around the piano.

The results of all of this was a Disklavier piano disk of these original performances at the club. The Disklavier technology makes it possible for the Yamaha piano at the club to recreate the music exactly as if I were playing it there "live".

When George asked me to entertain with my orchestra for the clubs "real" Millennium New Year's Eve Celebration, we thought of honoring that occasion with a "Gold Millennium Double CD", including many of these fun original Disklavier recordings plus additional two-piano party favorites.

This album captures much of the energy and musical magic that spontaneously emerged for "Party Time At The Coral Beach Club".

-Bob Hardwick



This album represents the culmination of growing up in a inspiring musical family. Our fathers were professional musicians who are now retired. Al (Mark's Dad) taught guitar and owned a music store where most of it came together. Frank's father, Jess was a very talented saxophonist and band leader. Both are pictured as children with our grandparents on the album cover. Frank's brother Paul, was Mark's first and most influential teacher. We all played together in various combinations. As we became older we didn't decide to become musicians, it was already a way of life. These "roots" are very special and have lead to an intense feeling of harmony whenever we play together. This record represents our respect for the jazz tradition, a music we have been exposed to and have felt deeply connected with all our lives.

Any good band is a team effort and we are very proud to have Ralph LaLama and Marcus McLaurine on our team. Special thanks to percussion innovator Armen Halburian for his added touch and of course to the catalyst George Petersen for all his insight.

Frank & Mark Marino


Mark Marino on guitar

Marcus McLaurine on bass

Frank Marino on drums

Ralph LaLama on tenor sax