This album represents the culmination of growing up in a inspiring musical family. Our fathers were professional musicians who are now retired. Al (Mark's Dad) taught guitar and owned a music store where most of it came together. Frank's father, Jess was a very talented saxophonist and band leader. Both are pictured as children with our grandparents on the album cover. Frank's brother Paul, was Mark's first and most influential teacher. We all played together in various combinations. As we became older we didn't decide to become musicians, it was already a way of life. These "roots" are very special and have lead to an intense feeling of harmony whenever we play together. This record represents our respect for the jazz tradition, a music we have been exposed to and have felt deeply connected with all our lives.

Any good band is a team effort and we are very proud to have Ralph LaLama and Marcus McLaurine on our team. Special thanks to percussion innovator Armen Halburian for his added touch and of course to the catalyst George Petersen for all his insight.

Frank & Mark Marino


Mark Marino on guitar

Marcus McLaurine on bass

Frank Marino on drums

Ralph LaLama on tenor sax