This album, my second on the market, has many significant circumstances surrounding this Cats Paw release. The color all of a sudden, being yellow, chosen by Lisa Roth with Dave Moreno's art work, is my father's favorite color and a fitting dedication to him being that he just passed away last December (1996). Many fortunate events occurred shortly after these September 1994 sessions: "Smitty" got the Tonight Show gig, Craig ended up in the movie Kansas City and started working with Herbie Hancock, both Will and Dave had their first solo albums released, Bob Brockman mixed some cuts for Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds on the "Willing to Exhale" CD, Chris Hajian has had a winning film at the Sundance Film Festival and George decided to renew our relationship after I refused his first offer July 1995, the month I got married. Both Bryce and myself have just bought houses...hooray! And the great Teo Macero has come aboard and joined forces with us in making this album a great success, truly you will hear the exceptional chemistry that pervaded these September 1994 sessions, ENJOY! - Howard Prince