I first heard about Mood Swing a few years ago through Mike Frost, another artist on Cats Paw Records. Mike is usually right on the money with groups he really likes and these guys are everything he said they would be.

The Writing of this group is extraordinary both individually and collectively. They cover everything from rock to hip-hop; a jazz waltz to a latin burner. You'll hear an interesting array of "moods" on this album.

As for the playing, Mood Swing will keep you engaged from start to finish. Check out Tom Westbay's sax versatility. Listen to the way John Passarelli's complimentary voicings on keyboards and piano give this group its own character. Last but not least, the rhythm section consisting of Mike Belmonte and Joe Nocilla keeps a tight foundation going throughout the album.

I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Mood Swing as much as I enjoyed recording them. - George Petersen. 


Tom Westbay on Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone

John Passarelli on Piano and Keyboards

Joe Nocilla on Drums and Percussion

Michael Belmonte on Basshttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/moodswing