One Evening after dinner in paradise, Bermuda and the Coral Beach Club, I was asked if I would play a few songs at the piano for friends. Before long, many other Coral Beach members and guests gathered and spirited dancing went on until well after midnight. This spontaneous party became a fun tradition on subsequent annual visits to the club. It prompted George Wardman to ask me to record my music on the clubs new Yamaha Disklavier piano. So, one bright and beautiful Bermuda afternoon, i sat down and played for Afternoon Tea and found myself still playing at Cocktail Hour. That same night, the Disklavier was still recording as I played, while a lively crowd including talented Bermuda residents gathered for partying around the piano.

The results of all of this was a Disklavier piano disk of these original performances at the club. The Disklavier technology makes it possible for the Yamaha piano at the club to recreate the music exactly as if I were playing it there "live".

When George asked me to entertain with my orchestra for the clubs "real" Millennium New Year's Eve Celebration, we thought of honoring that occasion with a "Gold Millennium Double CD", including many of these fun original Disklavier recordings plus additional two-piano party favorites.

This album captures much of the energy and musical magic that spontaneously emerged for "Party Time At The Coral Beach Club".

-Bob Hardwick