Jerry and Bobby are back again as promised... They told me there was no more to come and, by George, here it is! ( That's producer George Petersen I'm referring to.) This second release by Weldon and Forrester for Cats Paw Records is more than just a follow-up to an excellent debut " Five by Five". It's a marriage of Bop and Groove made in Hammond Heaven (I'm assuming you know the jazz combo is back). Suffice it to say that this recording will have many of the newcomers sitting up straight and ready for a lesson. Jerry and Bobby have paid dues with the same currency used in the heyday of the jazz organ phenomenon. They've played those Harlem and Newark clubs; working low budget organ gigs just for the opportunity to get a Sonny Stitt or a Jack McDuff on the books. They've grown up in the same environment that spawned the tenor organ sound. They have the smell of it in their noses; the fell of it in their fingers and the sound of it in their souls. They know what the tenor saxophone and Hammond organ are supposed to sound like together... And on this recording, they prove it.